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*This post is sponsored by Serta and Mattress Firm, but all opinions and good night’s sleep are my own!

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Since sharing my early morning routine with you, I’ve heard from so many of you who either: 1) wake up early too and can relate to the sound of the alarm clock going off while it’s still dark outside, or 2) want to wake up earlier, but need a plan to start.  
Today’s post is for you!  If you are in category 3) “I’m sleeping until the last possible minute and then pushing snooze too many times”, I totally get it! You might want to skip today’s post- except for the part where I review our new Serta iComfort TempTouch mattress with cooling technology.  You don’t want to miss that! 😉 


When the alarm goes off way before you’re ready for it to, you will probably start having a conversation in your head that goes something like this.  “I’m so tired. I’m not ready to wake up. Maybe I can sleep five more minutes.  Or ten.  It’s so cozy in this bed. I’ll workout/meditate/read/pray later in the day.  Tomorrow I’ll wake up early. I’m going back to sleep.” 
You can’t listen to those voices!  You have to listen to the wiser part of you that made the decision the night before and immediately think of your reason WHY you want to wake up early.  For me, I want to workout.  But, digging deeper, I want to workout so I can be healthy, feel better in my body, be strong, have energy, not have to take time out of the rest of my day to workout, and start the day feeling ahead of the game instead of behind.  
If you have this information immediately available when the rest of you is trying to persuade you to sleep in, it’ll be much easier to actually get out of bed.  Listen to your smarter self, not the saboteur!  
leggings · top 50% off · sports bra · sneakers · similar watch · hair bands (great for top knots)


In the first days when you are trying to wake up early, your body probably won’t be ready to go to sleep as early as it needs to, so just know those first days are going to be rough! 
pajamas 40% off
When I set my wake up early goal in May, it was to wake up at 5am.  I like a good 7-8 hours of sleep per night, so that means I need to be asleep by 9 pm.  Well, when you aren’t used to going to bed until 11pm, you won’t suddenly be ready to go to sleep two hours earlier – at first.
But, after a few days of waking up at your appointed early hour, you will be so tired that you’ll be ready to go to bed earlier.  And you need to!  If you don’t get to bed, you will be miserable the next day and probably grouchy.  When mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!
I find it helps get me into bed early if I have something I want to read.  That way, I’m off electronics (goodnight Instagram and Pinterest) and TV (save OITNB and House of Cards for the weekends because it’s too tempting to binge late night).  I do read on my kindle, but I’m pretty good about shutting it down when I feel sleepy enough to fall asleep.  Or you could meditate with the headspace app and that may help lull you to sleep. 


The next key to waking up early is getting a good, restful night’s sleep.  If you make it to bed early, but don’t actually get good sleep, you won’t feel good the next day.  I’ve taken to wearing earplugs if I need to drown out the sound of someone’s snoring (they work!) and we found a solution to getting too hot in the bed too.

We recently upgraded our mattress to a Serta iComfort TempTouch Memory Foam bed, exclusively sold at MattressFirm and we love it!  The cool;) thing about it is that it has TempActive technology that helps keep you cool at night because it dissipates heat away from you as you sleep. As soon as we lay down on it the first night, you could feel to the touch how much cooler it was. Even James wanted to test it out that night, so we let him sleep with us.  Everyone agreed it was awesome!
Not only does this mattress keep you cooler, it’s super comfortable.  Buying a mattress is one of those things that is hard because a quick test at the store might not tell the story for how you’ll actually sleep on it for several hours at night.  But, from the first night, we loved the comfort of this bed with deep reaction memory foam.  After sleeping on it for a month now, I can say it’s my favorite mattress I’ve owned. 


As soon as your alarm goes off, get right up! Do not hit snooze, do not push pause, do not pass go! All of those things are just little sneaky tactics your inner sleep persuader will use to get you to forget your goals.  If you get out of bed, the chances are slim that you’ll get back in bed.  But if you don’t get up right away, chances are high that you’ll fall back asleep and miss your early wake up time.  So, get up, covers off, feet on the floor!
One thing that has helped me get right up is using Hue lightbulbs in our lamps.  They work with an app on your phone, so I can set them to turn on bright white simultaneously when my alarm goes off. That’ll wake you up! 


What I mean by this is accomplish whatever it is you set out to accomplish by waking up early.  Feel how good it feels to be productive in that way.  This feeling of accomplishment builds momentum and success breeds success.  
When my alarm goes off at 5:00 or 5:30 am and I get up and go workout, come back home, get showered and dressed all before my kids wake up, it feels amazing!  Now I have that experience to keep me going the next day.  On the days I don’t get up early and workout, I don’t feel as energized throughout the day.  
Even though it’s hard in the moment to wake up early, it’s better for the rest of the hours of the day. The short term “pain” is worth the long term gain!

So are a ‘wake up early’ or ‘sleep-in’ kind of girl?!
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Happy officially summer friends!  We started our first day of summer by watching out for Tropical Storm Cindy, but thankfully, all we got was some rain and nothing eventful! We are still expecting rain all weekend, so it will probably be a low key one with playdates at home.  
For today’s In the Dressing Room post, I tried on what felt like a million things for you because there was just too much summer goodness!  I’m crazy for some of these tops that are versatile for work, weekend and date night. It’s hard to narrow down, but this top is my fave! The bottom half of the post features several dresses (my #1 pick) that will be perfect for summer events and parties.  Finally, check out this pair and this pair of great quality lace-up sandals. 
For size reference, I’m 5’1, 105, 34D.

Tie Front Top XSP | Boyfriend Jeans 0P | Sandals | Link Bracelet | Coil Ring
I was dubious about this one when I saw it one the hanger, but when I put it on I really loved it! It’s hard to tell from the picture but it’s got a lot of stretch in it so it’s easy to move around in. Although it has a tie front, it still covers your tummy and is a little longer in the back. I think the tie is darling and doesn’t look childish, rather charming. This top will also look great with white jeans or jean shorts.

Cold Shoulder Top XSP | Shorts 0P | Necklace | WatchGold Bangle | Ring
Loft continues to confuse me with their sizing, I’m usually on the lowest of the low, but some tops I can go with a regular XS.  This cold shoulder top is soft and I like how the shoulder part had a bit of elastic and flutter to it.  The shorts are adorable and a great color combo, without pockets so there is no bunching. 

Cold Shoulder Top XSP | Jeans 0P| Sandals | NecklaceWatch | Gold BangleRing
That cold shoulder top looked super cute with the jeans I wore into the store too.  Definitely a keeper!

Blue Off The Shoulder Top XS
I’m still into the off-shoulder and cold shoulder trend and pairing stripes and pom poms is a cute touch! This top is short, just hitting my waist, so if you prefer your tops longer, skip this one.

Embroidered Babydoll Top XSP
Here’s a top I wore the same day I got it!  I was dying for it in the blue/white combo, but it was sold out, then just came back again so I scooped it up too!  I love the boho look and it’s nice and stretchy with sleeves to the elbow.

Off The Shoulder Tie Sleeve Top XSP
I thought this top might be a good option for those of you that want to try the cold shoulder look, but still have the support of a shoulder strap.  Unfortunately, the shoulder strap on this top is too long on me and still wouldn’t hide my bra strap, so you’d still need to wear a strapless bra (I recommend this one).  If I decide to keep this top, I’ll just cut the straps off because I like the 3/4 sleeve length and the sweet tie at the sleeve.

White Scallop Tank XSP

This tank is a great basic piece that with a fun scallop detail.  Sometimes I prefer a high neckline and this one provides that with some interest.  It’s really soft too.

Striped Top XSP, need XS
I’m a hug fan of a 3/4 sleeve boatneck top.  I waited forever for this to arrive, only to realize I need a regular XS! This one is just a little too small. 🙁 

Paisley Top XSP, need XS
I loved the print on this top and the silky feel, but had to order regular XS because the XSP was too small.  You could wear this to work and then happy hour and fit right in. 

Zip Skinny Pants 00 | Tank XS
I loved this soft, easy-to-wear tank so much I got it in black too.  I wish I had a better pictures of these skinny cargo pants.  They feel great on with a good bit of stretch and are a great alternative to jeans.  They remind me of this pair of skinny cargo pants that I’m crazy about (0P), but these I’m wearing here have a zippered ankle and come in other colors. 

Fiesta Off The Shoulder Top XS
I wasn’t sure how an ‘elastic across the chest’ top would look on me, because I thought it would be too busty, but I’m glad I tried this one because it is seriously darling!  It’s comfortable and the embroidered sleeve detail is ready to party.  I’m also glad it’s not too short, but just the right length!

Halter Peplum Top XS | Boyfriend Jeans 0P | Similar Sandals | Necklace Link Bracelet |  Coil Ring
I’m always on the hunt for cute casual wear, especially tank tops because it’s so brutally hot in Houston in the summer! I love the style of this tank and how it can be dressed up or down. I’m wearing an XS and it’s a little loose in the middle (even though it’s supposed to be relaxed fitting) so I wish it came in petite. *Update: I machine washed and dried it and it shrank a little, but actually fits me a little better now. 

Black Swing Top XXSP (but need XS) | Necklace | Watch | Gold Bangle | Ring
This tank drew me in with the great v-neck and wide shoulder straps with cute pom pom details. Unfortunately, I needed a bigger size because the chest was squishing me, otherwise this is a very flattering top.

I immediately loved this striped off the shoulder top as as soon as I put it on! The three-quarter length sleeves are darling and it’s a relaxed fit that looks super cute with skinny jeans.

These jeans are a great dark wash with a lot of stretch. I’m wearing size 24 and they’re tight but I think they will loosen up with wear, but I’d say they run TTS and my normal size 25 would probably fit and be more comfortable. The length is 29 inches so I cuffed the bottom to fit my 5’1 frame. They’re under $70!  

How fun is this white blouse?? Even though I’m super short I didn’t feel like the bell sleeves overwhelmed my figure. The crocheted arm detail is gorgeous and not too tight on your arms. There’s also some elastic across the chest that makes it easy to move in and a darling triangle cutout in the back. The white cotton material is crisp and clean looking. The jeans are a great budget brand under $70! I’m wearing my favorite strapless bra with it.

Eyelet Tank XSP | Coil Ring  
This eyelet peplum tank is super fresh for summer time! This brand runs big so size down. Because the eyelet holes are large I’m wearing a white tank underneath. I’m definitely keeping this top and will wear this outfit on a date night. This top will also be cute with shorts on the weekends!

Eyelet Tank XSP | Jagger Skinny Jeans 24 | White Tank | Nude Strappy Heels  | Watch | Bracelet | Gold Bangle | Coil Ring

USA Graphic Tee XS
I already have 4th of July on my mind and this USA tee is a fun nod to our great country.  The XS was a tad tight across the chest, but not uncomfortable.

Cape Blazer XS
What do y’all think of this cape blazer?  It kept catching my eye online and got so many positive reviews that I decided to give it a try for myself.  I have to say it does look chic and the white is very polished.  The cape arm part is surprisingly easy to wear, and it fit well.  I think it would look better with slacks because I think with my short legs and skinny jeans, the proportions are off.

Keeper! I’m really digging white eyelet right now and this dress is great because it’s lined. The little white tassels are flirty and fun, don’t you think?!  Someone needs to throw a party so I can show up in this dress! It has bell sleeves but they’re on the petite side, so not too large. 

Oh my gosh, this halter dress is amazing! It’s the perfect out-to-lunch or day party dress. The halter style shows off your shoulders and it has the cutest tie in the back. The floral print against the pale blue is understated enough to make this junior dress feel classy.  And it’s under $50!

I would’ve keep this tank mini dress if it were shorter.  I didn’t want to have to go to the trouble of getting it altered, but it is the perfect summer dress for running around in with flat sandals.  It’s hard to tell from the picture, but the top is cotton and the bottom is silky.  You will love how this feels on! 

I was drawn to the stripes and playful pale pink and blue colors in this dress, but the black stripes keep if from being too sugary sweet. The skirt part of the dress is lined, so there’s no see through. What I didn’t care for was how it fit me because the proportions felt awkward. If the top was a little more fitted I think it would be more flattering. It’s comfortable and would be a cute work dress if it fit you better!

I’m smitten with the blue print on this cold shoulder dress! It’s kind of like a cross between a leopard print and and an inkblot painting, but it’s really pretty in person. It’s light and flowy on with great movement and the 2P fit me like a charm. The high neckline makes you feel covered but it’s still short enough to show a little leg and is also fully lined.

If only I could move my arms in this dress! Other than it being tight across the back when I move my arms forward, this dress would have been a keeper! I’m not sure why it’s pulling across the back because there’s plenty of room in the front. It’s a bummer because I really love the navy and pink print on this dress and the style. Maybe I should just walk around all day with my arms down at my side. 😉

My first one shoulder dress and I love it! I feel like I need to go dancing in this one with the asymmetric hem. It’s super comfortable and light-weight, just a flirty fun dress for summer!   
Somebody with a smaller chest (I’m a 34D) please buy this dress! Unfortunately for me I couldn’t zip it up in the back past my waist. It’s a stunning print and the quality is amazing and would look good at so many events this summer!  You will love it!

Chiffon Maxi Dress 0P | Nude Strappy Heels  | Watch | Coil Ring
This dress is a stunner! The color is vibrant and beautiful and the cut of this dress is super classy. I couldn’t help but feel like I want to swoosh around it it, so I think it would be perfect for a wedding or party with lots of dancing! It’s fully lined and slightly longer in the back.

Crochet Overlay Dress 2P | Nude Strappy Heels | Watch | Coil Ring
I love this dress for a bridal or baby shower or another afternoon event. I don’t know if the color is coming through, but it’s the most gorgeous pale blue. Inside it’s lined with a nude bandeau slip. I think the 0P would fit me better in the waist and hips but I needed a 2P for the chest. If I decide to keep thi,s I will get it taken in at the waist. It’s very beautiful and feminine in person and I felt like a real lady in it!

This is a great value maxi dress at under $40! I have it in a print, but couldn’t resist picking up this one while they were on sale. I have XS in both, but there is some inconsistency in the length. I’ll have to get a couple of inches trimmed off this one and the other one I didn’t have to alter after washing. I’ve already washed and dried this one, but it’s still a little long even with heels. The shoulder straps are adjustable, which I appreciate because I am able to pull the top up to fit me perfectly.

Chiffon Dress 2P
For a party or fancy dinner out, this dress is a perfect choice.  My hair is kind of covering the shoulder strap, but it’s there and the ruffle didn’t add too much volume to my chest.  If they had 0P, I would have bought it.

White Denim Shorts (need 24)
I’ve recommended these shorts before, but I had the opportunity to try them on and can say they run big.  I tried on the 25 and they were too big, but a great weight and feel and nice length.  Not to mention they are only $39!

I found two great, running-around in lace-up sandals below and already wore the red pair the first day I got them! Sam Edelman shoes never disappoint and they last forever! They also fit TTS.

Sam Edelman Gemma Lace-Up Sandal
I like the comfort and quality of this sandal, but I think the black looks kind of severe so I’m going to exchange this pair for the gold or caramel.  Both of those colors look stunning!

Sam Edelman Gianni Sandal | Jean Shorts

I hope I’ve given you lots of wardrobe inspiration this week!  I know it’s a lot, but I like to give you options and serious information about fit and quality!  There’s nothing more frustrating about reading a fashion review that only says, “I love it, fits great!” without knowing about the size of the person reviewing and what size she ordered. 😉

 Have a great weekend, friends!

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Today’s post is the kind I’ve come to enjoy with you where I just share random bits of things going on over here.  I like these posts because they are so casual, like we’re having a girl talk that naturally goes in lots of different directions.  I have several things to share with you today, from boot organization to pretty books for your coffee table or bookshelf.  But, I’m probably most excited about finding an awesome place to print your photos to frame! 

I finally got around to organizing my boots!  I’ve had this idea that I’m sure I saw on Pinterest somewhere where you use a pool noodle as a way to keep your boots upright and in good shape. One night when James and I were at Target I spotted some pool noodles and decided to give it a try.  I realized later I probably should have looked at the Dollar store for the noodles.  
At home, I put each noodle in the boots and, using a serrated knife, cut the noodle a few inches shorter than the top of the boot, so you wouldn’t see the noodle showing.  But I ran out of noodles because they were originally cut just shy of being visible above the boot opening, so I cut some of those in half and they still worked to keep the boots in shape and standing up. 
Now they are all organized on my new shoe shelves that Ruben built

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Happy Friday friends!!  I’m so ready for the weekend (pass the wine, please!) and decided to share not one, but two fun date looks for you today!  It’s exciting to get all spiffied up for an adult night out. The crazy kids and day-to-day grind make a dinner with drinks out with your man very enticing! Today’s two outfits are both feminine, but one is a dress option when you feel like showing off a little skin and the second one is for when you want to be super comfortable, but still chic.  Let’s get to it!

Red Dress XS | Jean Jacket XS | Heels | Similar ClutchNecklace | Similar Red Bracelet | Earrings | Sunglasses 

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“What do you use on your face?” is a question I’m frequently asked and today I’m spilling the beans and sharing everything I swear by!  I’m 42 now and have definitely upped my skin care regimen this year!

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Y’all know how much I appreciate great style at a savings, so today’s post is an extra good one! I’m excited to partner with HauteLook to share their limited time shopping event with Steven by Steve Madden, happening right now!  You’ll definitely want to get over there quick before these styles are gone!

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*This post is sponsored by Swanson Health Products, but of course, all opinions and early wake up calls are my own!
Rise and shine, friends! I’m definitely not that chipper in the morning, nor am I a morning person (as my hubby can attest), but I made a commitment to waking up at 5 a.m. at the start of May as a way to get my workouts in.  It’s been a great feeling to be up and moving before the sun is even up and I’m sticking with it! 

I’ll do another post soon with all my tips and tricks (and there are a few!) for how to get your booty up that early.  But today, I’m talking about what a typical early morning looks like for me and what I get done in those early hours.  Maybe you’ll be encouraged to try it!  

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Happy weekend friends!  I’m ready for it! How about you?  If you missed Jimmy’s Father’s Day recommendations, definitely go read it! He’s been loving all the extra attention and, he doesn’t know it yet, but I just ordered him #9 and I’m gonna put a bunch of #10 in it!  I can’t wait to see the expression on his face when he opens it! 
And if it’s heating up in your part of the world and you need a new swimsuit, I did a big try-on and review for you here, so I hope that is helpful! 

This morning I’m running off for a much overdue haircut, so let’s get right to today’s Outfits Lately post! Outfits Lately is a big ‘ole round up of what I’ve been wearing lately.  If you want more everyday outfit inspiration, I post my daily outfits on Instagram and Facebook, which is what I’m rounding up for you here today.  These aren’t professionally styled photos, just selfies 🙈 sharing my attempts to get out of jean shorts (it happens sometimes!) and get creative with the things in my closet.  
For fit reference, keep in mind I’m super short, just 5’1, about 105 pounds.  I often wear petite or size down for the best fit for my frame, but I’m also busty (34D), so that can be a challenging combo. 

Peplum Top XSP | Jeans 25P | Shoes Ring | Bracelet | Coil Ring
Today’s #OOTD😉 I’m happy to see this ruffle hem peplum top back in stock (several colors, but limited sizes since it’s under $30). It runs big, so size down, XSP.  My bootcut jeans fit like a glove (TTS, 25P) and elongate your leg when worn with heels. Soft and great wash too! They are designer, so I also linked a similar pair under $90 also. 

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Can I just say you made my hubby’s day with your responses to his post yesterday?!  He usually prefers to stay behind the scenes, but he is so cute and so much funnier (and more sarcastic) than I am, so I’m glad you got to see some of that yesterday! With enough crowd encouragement, maybe I can persuade him to make another appearance in the future! 
We finally got some sunshine around here, so I feel like we’re officially on Summer break!  Yay!!! Just in time for the occasion, I have a sunshiny, cute and casual outfit to share with you today.  And it also happens to feature my favorite new distressed white jean shorts

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